Other Recruiting Solutions

United Career Fairs - Staffing Division

United Career Fair’s staffing division specializes in advanced recruiting solutions tailored to help companies hire top performing sales professionals.  Our consultants have over 10 years of recruiting experience and we want to put our experience to work for you.  United Career Fairs staffing division currently offers:

  • Contingency Search Services
  • Single Company Recruiting Events
  • Sourcing Campaigns

Contingency Search Services

United Career Fairs Staffing Division will qualify, source, engage and prequalify candidates based on your recruiting needs.  Our consultants will develop and implement an advanced list of candidate screening criteria.  Each prospective candidate will review against your specific requirements. Once a candidate passes the selection process, a copy of their current resume along with a brief synopsis of their background will be sent to you.  Our consultants will work with your hiring team to schedule interviews and help with the follow up process.  We will work with your staff to negotiate equitable hiring terms.  Our consultants will help every step of the recruiting process, greatly reducing much of the hassle of finding your next superstar.

A United Career Fairs Staffing Advantage:

  • We have invested in industry leading sourcing tools enabling us to find top talent.  Our pool of resources helps us fill a position faster creating great value for our clients.

  • Our recruiting team has over a decade of experience with executive search.  Our team of seasoned professionals will implement a custome recruiting strategy to see your project through to completion.

  • We have a strong network of sales candidates and advertising resources.  Getting to the right candidate often hinges upon having the right network in place and United Career Fairs has a large and well established network of sales professionals from every industry.

  • We will also provide competative market analysis.  This is helpful when drafting an offer that will be effective in attracting the best talent.

Would you like to work with us?

Job Seekers - please attach and email a copy of your resume to resumes@ucfcareers.catsone.com

Hiring Companies - Please send an email to request more information to requestinfo@unitedcareerfairs.com

Single Company Events

This is a recruiting event that is hosted at any location of your choosing.  Our recruiters will source and qualify every candidate and schedule them for a “by invitation only” interview.  This eliminates much of the wasted time at traditional recruiting events and can be scheduled at a time that best fits the client’s schedule. At a single company event, you can compare candidates side by side and there are no other hiring companies to compete against.

Hiring Companies - Please send an email to requestinfo@unitedcareerfairs.com to receive more information

Sourcing Campaigns

Our team of seasoned search professionals will design a sourcing campaign to find candidates that meet your requirements.  They have access to a wide range of unique resume databases, including all of the candidates procured from United Career Fair events.  They will mine databases based on keyword searches.  Our clients are provided with a minimum of 20 qualified resumes and they have the flexibility to contact the candidates when it is most convenient for them.

Hiring Companies - Please send an email to requestinfo@unitedcareerfairs.com recieve more information.