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        Great event! Scheduled 9 interviews.
        David C., Community Outreach Coordinator, 
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        Great event last week! We ended conducting 5 initial interviews and have 3 second interviews this week with hopes of hiring two of them.  Could you give me future dates for the next events in the following cities?
        Ryan W., Regional Sales Manager, 
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        We might be revisiting hiring in the fall.  Out of the 3 offers we put out there, one could not start with us due to a personal situation and the other 2 are just making it past their 90 day probationary period.
        Denise L., 
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        Your events always produce the highest quality candidates Ross. They're better quality than we can get on our own and we made several hires from the event a couple months ago.
        Gary B., Division Sales Manager, 
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        I’ve hired two people out of your events, and both of them are doing extremely well. If I can get one of them a year from you, I will make it to every event in our market.
        James H., Territory VP, 
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        Thank you. We enjoyed ourselves. It was definitely a good group. We actually were able to score one hire from the event. So thank you very much for reaching out to us. I’d call it a success.
        Satoya S., Controller, 
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        The event in June had the best outcome for us yet.  We hired 3 people- 2 sales reps and 1 CS rep.  Hopefully they all work out.
        Michele Y., HR, 
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        Excellent.  We hired a candidate and she’s doing great in inside sales.
        Randy F., COO, 
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        Sounds good! We will definitely like to attend both. Also for your knowledge we hired 2 from the last fair! Thank you so much and we appreciate all that you do!
        Andrew B., Talent Coordinator, 
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        United Career Fairs offers sales and management focused recruiting events.  Our fairs feature a presentation style format, and take place in the evening to allow currently employed candidates the opportunity to attend.  UCF is an established source for companies to find unique and qualified sales professionals.

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