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What Our Clients Say

I’ve hired two people out of your events, and both of them are doing extremely well. If I can get one of them a year from you, I will make it to every event in our market.

James H., Territory VP

Great event last week! We ended conducting 5 initial interviews and have 3 second interviews this week with hopes of hiring two of them.  Could you give me future dates for the next events in the following cities?

Ryan W., Regional Sales Manager

The event in June had the best outcome for us yet.  We hired 3 people- 2 sales reps and 1 CS rep.  Hopefully they all work out.

Michele Y., HR

Your events always produce the highest quality candidates Ross. They're better quality than we can get on our own and we made several hires from the event a couple months ago.

Gary B., Division Sales Manager

Great event! Scheduled 9 interviews.

David C., Community Outreach Coordinator

Thank you. We enjoyed ourselves. It was definitely a good group. We actually were able to score one hire from the event. So thank you very much for reaching out to us. I’d call it a success.

Satoya S., Controller

Sounds good! We will definitely like to attend both. Also for your knowledge we hired 2 from the last fair! Thank you so much and we appreciate all that you do!

Andrew B., Talent Coordinator

Excellent.  We hired a candidate and she’s doing great in inside sales.

Randy F., COO

We might be revisiting hiring in the fall.  Out of the 3 offers we put out there, one could not start with us due to a personal situation and the other 2 are just making it past their 90 day probationary period.

Denise L.

Staffing Services

If you face a challenging opening or have a mission critical hire, United Career Fairs (UCF) offers executive search and customized recruiting events to help fill your roles.

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UCF Staffing Options Beyond Career Fairs:

Executive Search / Placement Services:

UCF offers executive search and permanent placement services.   We have experienced executive recruiters that support a wide range of staffing projects spanning several industries.  This team functions as an external recruiting agency that operates independently from our flagship career fair offering.

This group is lead by Dan DeHaan (managing partner) who has over 15 years experience filling executive roles.  He started his career as a recruiter for a technical firm that focused on engineers and engineering managers.  He learned the industry from the ground up.  Shortly after staring United Career Fairs, a career fair client approached him about filling a sales manager role.

Our staff is passionate about solving staffing problems.  Sometimes our recruiters rub shoulders with job seekers who are untouched by other recruiting firms or the job seeker is early in the search process.  In other situations, candidates are exposed to our staffing services as they begin to research making a career change or they are referred into our talent network.

Our natural network begins with sales professionals and managers and expands well into executive search.  UCF has partnered a wide range of clients with targeted hiring needs including senior leadership roles (c-suite and executive managers), niche sales roles, operations, engineers, technicians, developers, marketing, finance and various HR functions.

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Private Recruiting Events

A private recruiting event is an on-premise or virtual recruiting event with pre-screened candidates excited to interview in person. Clients receive a full schedule interviews with the highest caliber of candidates available in the marketplace.

A private recruiting event provides the customized focus and attention of a retained search without the costly placement fees on the back end. It can be high effective and time efficient.

Key Features Include:
On demand scheduling
A dedicated UCF recruiter
Personalized interaction with job seekers
Complete control of the hiring process
Back to Back Interview packed into one day
Potential to fast track multiple hires from one event

United Career Fairs has a strong position in the marketplace and accessibility to a unique pool of candidates. A private recruiting event is open to all types of positions and is not limited to sales related openings.

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Open House:

This is on-premise recruiting event with no other hiring companies to compete with. Candidates arrive at your building ready to meet key people from your company, see your facilities, get their questions answered and interview for your opening.

Our team markets the event to thousands of candidates. With a strong outreach campaign and great follow up tools, we will provide a strong showing of candidates that are excited about the opportunity. Clients are able to conduct several weeks worth of interviews within a couple of hours.

Key Features:
On demand scheduling of the event
Support from United Career Fairs
The event is publicly marketed to job seekers across multiple platforms
Passive candidates are invited to the event
Candidates pre-register through our platform
Online resume database of pre-registered candidates
Potential for multiple hires from one event.

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The United Career Fairs Staffing Advantage:

  • We have invested in industry leading sourcing tools enabling us to source top talent.  Our pool of resources helps us fill a position faster creating great value for our clients.
  • Our recruiting team has over a decade of experience with executive search.  Our team of seasoned professionals will implement a custom recruiting strategy to see your project through to completion.
  • UCF has a constant stream of candidates coming through our channels.  Getting to the right candidate often hinges upon having the right network in place and United Career Fairs has a large and well established network of sales professionals from every industry.
  • We will also provide competitive market insight.  This is helpful when drafting an offer that will be effective in attracting the best talent.
  • There are no canned submissions.  Our recruiters take the time to answer the candidates questions and shape their understanding of the opportunity. We desire to only submit candidates that are exciting!  We want our clients to be confident that they are meeting with some of the best talent available in the marketplace.

Our Managing Partner for Staffing Services is Daniel DeHaan.  If you are looking for a new position, please connect with him on LinkedIn and send him a note on your target opportunities that you seek.  If you are a hiring manager, please feel free to send him a note on your openings.

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