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5 Tips to Break Into Pharmaceutical Sales

Written by Dan DeHaan at United Career Fairs.   Most job searches begin with online applications and after the resume is delivered there is little control over what happens next.  Some applications are met with silence, leaving the applicant wondering on what to do next.  Silence is disheartening and often leaves ambitious candidates with uncertainty about […]


How Do I Find a Recruiter?

Are you struggling to make inroads with a company or industry?  Perhaps finding a well-connected recruiter can help make that right connection and put you on the path to being hired. Trying to find a recruiter can be an overwhelming task, especially with the vast amount of information available on the internet.  Perhaps instead of […]


Enterprise Sales Director – NYC

Title: Sr Enterprise Sales Director Industry: Advertising, Software Location: New York City, July 17th at 6:00 pm Interested candidates are directed to pre-register (free) and attend for an interview New York City Sales and Management Career Fair July 17th @ 6:00 pm Radisson Martinique on Broadway, 49W 32nd St New York, NY 10001 About the […]


Medical Sales Opening in Washington DC

Medical Sales Opening – Washington DC Interested Candidates should attend the upcoming career fair in Northern Virginia on July 18th. Northern VA / Washington DC Career Fair July 18th, 2018 at 6:00 pm Sheraton Hotel 11810 Sunrise Valley Dr Reston, VA 20191   Provider Liaison National Spine & Pain Centers, the nation’s largest interventional pain […]


UNDERRATED, UNDERRATED (corporate culture)

What is your corporate culture like? Or more importantly how does your CC affect employees and ultimately the bottom line? Here at UCF we work hard on work, we also work hard at having fun. Most everyone has heard, probably even said and maybe even live by “work hard play hard” which is ok but […]


When is the Best time to Apply?

With the new year in full swing and most people unburied from the work they procrastinated on the last two weeks of 2010. Now is the perfect time restart your search. Did you know that Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are the best days to apply for positions online? Once hump day ends the weekend is […]


Start Strong? Finish Strong? Who Cares About the Rest?

I am sure you’ve heard people say that it doesn’t matter how your start, it’s how you finish. Or maybe you’ve heard someone say start strong finish strong. Or get a head start. These are all true and they really do matter but what are you supposed to do in between. Their aren’t any cool […]


10+ Tips to boost your job search

Are you in a slump when it comes to looking for a new career?  Maybe it is time to re-evaluate your technique.  Here are some tips I thought of to help you achieve success in finding a new job! Tip#1 – Be a diligent Student Always be learning about new industries, companies and trends. Find […]


Managing Your Time

How much time do you spend looking for a job? Do you spend countless hours researching a potential employer, applying blindly online, or sending out resume’s wastefully? Like sales, looking for a career is all about the connection, the value of knowing and contacting a decision maker is priceless. Imagine a phone call sourcing the […]

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